The Void

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    The summer had been long and dry. The grass crackled under your feet. You could smell woods burning nearby and you could smell the stench of the Drow. I had seen this all before and I know the Barbarian Lands will make it through. But there was another threat coming and I could not tell this time what. This was the usual time of year that the mists would take shape but since they are now gone my connection with the spirit world is not as strong as it use to be.

    I was given a letter to give to one of the 2 baron Sir Erick De Leon. It seemed important and I was told to wait for him at the tavern on the main road to Marbayne. This was fine because my husband the nameless one had some business to attend to. As we were preparing to leave I felt a presence and turned to see a beautiful Daleri with the same features as my husband. I reached out and grabbed his should and quietly told him to close his eyes and watch. He did so and saw the following.

    It was his Aunt. Mistress Kalwen Please I have a message for my son who currently resides in Marbayne. Once you see him touch him as you do your husband now and he will see me. Also I have left something for him by the hearth however do not take it make him come to your home in the Burning Wheel to retrieve it. He must do this for his own safety.

    With that she vanished and my husband opened his eyes. “What was that all about I wonder” We both looked at the Hearth and there was the pelt of a wolf with a blue conch attached. The nameless one recognized this and a family heirloom thought lost years ago.

    With that we left the house and traveled. We had to sit in the tavern for some time but finally Sir Erick arrived and I passed on the letter. I had noticed he had several more and found this curious. Perhaps I would ask next time we speak. But with that we traveled onto Marbayne and arrived at night.

    I felt the presence of the woman and ask The Nameless One to gather the Order to bear witness. All gathered and Crinnan spoke with his mother. At the end the brotherhood howled into the night.

    The Nameless One finished his business and we all decide to go to the Tavern where we ran into Gulri. This night he was very cryptic. He had a riddle for us to solve. We sat around many of us talking about what has happened in the past few months. We finally started to realize that we had all been a little uneasy and that is when Gulri confirmed that the world was without balance.

    The Nameless One stood and said to Gulri he knew what he had to do. As my husband turned to leave, without even talking with me. Gulri stood and said, “Ravion, you know where you go you will not come back” and with that my husband left with a nod. “In all the confuse I yelled out for my husband, “Ravion!”

    My heart sank. Gulri had said the Nameless Ones name and then I. if it was spoken 1 more times than all could be lost. I spoke quickly to the order of the trident and all in the tavern who were willing to follow my husband. We quickly found him going to find Perimin. Who was the only one that could help now.

    We arrived at Shadowgaurd where Perimin was speaking with Sir Erick De Leon. Quickly we requested his audience. He did so but once he heard what Ravion had to say he asked that we travel to Marbayne and along the way to pick up a few more people. The most important being the wizard.

    Along the way we did find the Wizard. However upon seeing such a large group his eye turned to the one man that stood out amongst them all. “The Nameless One”

    “AH Ravion, So nice to see………” Oh dear I am so sorry Nameless One I shall never speak it again.

    “Quiet alright wizard it was fate that made you do it and now it is done. My name has been spoken 3 times.” Quickly we hurried to Marbayne and were all seated and now since Ravion’s name was revealed the spirits would find him and all of the Barbarian lands and destroy us all.

    After much discussion Perimin and Gulri finally agreed to send Ravion through the portal to the Void. However we need the Void Dagger and 3 others to go with him if they had any hope. They were the Wizard Motracks, Perin and Sane.

    Fortunately in previous battles Dametrix retained the Void Dagger for Ravion. The rest of us were told to find Remle and to preserve the bodies of the ones gone and for Lady Lilliandra and I to be there incase the doors needed to be closed around Perimin.

    We decide that at midnight we would go to the sight of the portal. So we said are goodbyes. We all gathered around the 4 with Lady Lilliandra and I on either side of Perimin. Then a large black whole appeared in front of us and before we knew it all of us even the observers were sucked into the void.

    We were separated. I was still with my husband and (Erick’s character) and (Kassidy’s character). When suddenly before us were 3 figures, young and strong. The one in the middle looked familiar. “Mother Father is that you?” the one in the middle asked. ‘It is I your son, Talon Ravion Santial” Ravion looked at me and I nodded “Yes, husband I am now with child after we said our Good-byes” The other 2 were the Son and grandson of our other companions.

    Suddenly I could hear Lillandra’s voice and the 3 images disappeared. We followed the voice and soon we were all united within the void. But then, a scream from in the distance. Things cleared somewhat and there before us was Gariff. Around him were what appeared to be Void elementals? They gave Ravion a trial of 3 question’s to save Gariff. But we knew we were not here to save him. Ravion answered the 3 questions but not before they tortured Gariff some. But in the end Gariff agreed to be put in the dagger. And it was given to Perin. Perimin said to leave quickly the portal was closing. I would not leave my husband but was dragged out by Lilliandra. The portal closed and Ravion was gone.

    I turned to the people around me, mostly of the Order.

    “He is gone, but I know not for good. We must find Remle and find out what he knows. There is still no balance and until we can restore that I will not have my husband back. I ask now more than ever that you all here swear your loyalty to me the new Leader of the Burning Wheel.” With this they all said yes.

    Motrack’s can you please put his body into a stasis?

    With that we all settled for the night. There was nothing more that could be done this evening. But soon plans would be laid and Bonds forged. Winter would be here before we knew it, but yet much still had to be done.

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    The Nameless could see the look of surprise on Perremin Farstrider’s face as the portal to the mortal realm closed.  A range of emotion flowed from him as he took a deep breath, knowing that he did the right thing for all was his comfort. He pulled the hood of his cloak over his head as the last rays of light disappeared. He began to walking the direction did not seem to matter as there is nothing but darkness all around him. Figures moved on all sides of him though he could not see them he knew they were there, he could sense their anger and hatred. Out of instinct his hand moved to his sword only to discover it was not there. He had left the weapons at his house in Fury’s Shield knowing they would not be of use within the Void. The creatures that lived here were that of the void and no mortal weapon would harm them. He took in a deep breath as he cleared his mind of anything that might be used against him. It was not the first time he was in a strange place with no weapons. If the creatures were to attack he would have to use his mind to stay ahead of them. He stopped to rest after walking for what seemed like hours he lay down on the ground and stretched his muscles. He could still feel the presents of the void minions but they kept their distance from him as if trying to figure out what to do with him. Figuring the creatures around him to be lesser void elementals he knew it would only be a matter of time before a greater elemental would be summoned. As The Nameless stood he could make out shapes within the darkness making it seemed more like a moonless night.

    “You do not belong here.” Came a scratchy hollow feminine voice from somewhere behind the Nameless. “Why are you here?” As he turned to regard the speaker another void beast approached from his left.

    “I am here to help restore the balance of the land to return what has been lost.” Stated the Nameless as he kept a watchful eye on the beast. The beast’s movements were that of a hunting cat but its form was more like a dire wolf. The Nameless stared into the beasts yellow eyes to show that he was not afraid of it. A low menacing hollow growl emitted deep from the beast’s throat. The lord of the Burning Wheel would not be dominated by the void so easily, letting out a fierce growl of his own to show his defiance. “I shall not cower to the void! I will not bow to the will of the darkness.”

    “Here in the Void there is nothing but time to crush your will but that is not what we want.”  The woman’s voice seemed to come from all around the Nameless. The void beast disappeared and in its place stood the figure of a woman. She stalked towards the Nameless holding a staff with a lighted crystal on top. “You are no longer Daleri but something much older you are Rómengwaith but that means nothing while your soul is here. Your body can be destroyed and then you will be stuck here forever.”

    “If that is what the fates demand of me then so be it. I do not fear death as I do not fear the Void. I am Rómengwaith and that means my blood is that of the land. I will do what has to be done to heal the land and restore balance.” The Nameless said with determination never taking his eyes form the woman that stood before him. The woman gave him a knowing smile as she held out her lighted staff toward him.

    “If you are to survive here you will need a light, a weapon and some luck. You must keep focused on who you are and why you’re here this can help you with that.” When the Barbarian made no move to take the staff she tossed it to him. Grabbing the staff out of the air taking his eyes from the shadow woman when he looked back she was gone.

    The top of the staff held a glowing crystal that gave off enough light to cut the darkness. Below the crystal a carved image of a wolf below that a petrified mushroom grew out of the wood. As his had ran further down the length of the staff he could make out letters carved into the wood in an old script. R A V I O N S A N T I L his hand lingered over the last three letters wondering why there was a letter missing.

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