Eldaraenth: State of the Game 2013

March 18, 2013 in Mundane Business

Eldaraenth: State of the Game 2013

I look about this room, and I see several generations of players coming together once again in celebration of something they love. I see warriors. I see role players. I see friends. I see family. I see a community that has built something great, watched it collapse and built it again. I see a community that has bled, sweat, and cried for an idea of something more than just a game. I see a room filled with camaraderie and love, honor and respect.

In Spring of 2000, I attended my first official Eldaraenth event, Foreboding, at Busiek State Park. I had been around Eldaraenth players before, but I had never really attended an event. I wasn’t entirely sure what I was expecting, but I had a tingling sense of excitement bubbling inside me. I came down early on Friday, riding with my friend Justin, who many of you know as Mordekin. We followed my brother (Josh or Perrimen) with his carpool of Marcus (Chirs Keller) and the Seer (Quinton Remirez) down to the site. That night, around a roaring fire, as I was reaquainted with game founder Justin Zimmerman (who’s characters are too numerous to name) and Jason Burgemeister (mostly known as Nigel St. Hubbins, Gorneesh or simply, Burge), I learned what the game was truly, deeply about.

The next morning I met some of you in this room for the first time. I met a large man decked out in full garb despite it only being his second event and an eight year old boy that would grow up to hand me my butt too many times for me to hope to count. I met a knight that believed in the game and it’s world enough to be the most vocal proponent and most shining example of immersion I’ve ever seen in any LARP scenario. I met a tall, lanky archer with a fancy cloak. There were players that had been brought back into the fold from the days when Eldaraenth was just called “The Whalers” because it was a group of kids “whalin’ on each other with sticks out on Robert’s farm.” There were players there that, like me, had never done this before.

That day was the first day I experienced Eldaraenth. That is the event that I hold in my heart as the core of the game. Yes, there were less than twenty players at that event, but it was special because it was my first event. It has stuck with me all of these years.

What was special about that event wasn’t that we all had fancy garb. We didn’t. I was wearing a shirt made out of felt that my mom had modified from her Halloween costume into the semblance of a tunic. Marcus was wearing furry tiger pants. We had all made the effort to be as period as possible, but most of us were new or just returning. We simply didn’t have the kit to be fancy pantses.

But we made the effort.

Nor was that event special because we were all expert fighters. I had fought, I don’t know, maybe three times in my life before that event. Most of the other players there were more experienced, but none of us had really mastered the boffer arts in the way that some of us have come to.

But we fought and had fun doing it.

We weren’t particularly good role players, either. Our acting and accents were about as atrocious as they can possibly come. I was so self conscious about it, that I barely spoke through the entire event. This was 13 years ago, and at age 16, I was the second youngest player on the field. I didn’t really know what I was suppose to be role playing, but the more experienced players went out of their way to make sure I was involved.

So we role played through the entire event.

What I learned from that event was very, very simple, and though I carried it in my heart for years, it wasn’t until we started all of this up again with me officially taking the reigns three years ago that it was every articulated to me in words.

“Eldaraenth is not a game. Eldaraenth is a community where we come together to make each other not just better fighters or role-players, but better people. Chivalry has meaning. Don’t ever forget that. Make that spirit felt.”

That is a paraphrasing of the words of wisdom passed down to me by Justin Zimmerman when I asked him about his experiences leading the game. Though Zimm had his faults as a leader, he did his best to not only learn those lessons for himself, but pass them on to me. My own faults in leadership are probably a mountain beside his mole hill, and am doing my best to learn and grow with the help of this community, the way Zimm wanted for all of us.

Eldaraenth has been in my hands for three years now. It has been reborn from the ashes again and again. The game has grown, evolved and changed. It is bigger now than it has ever been before.

I look around this room, and I see several generations of players. I see faces with decades of experience and faces that still shine with the brightness of new players.

It is my job, as the leader of this game to set the tone and direction for the game and community. I’m afraid I haven’t done a very good job of that in the past. I’ve spent too much time standing in the way of much more qualified game officers to let myself focus on what really needs to be focused on. I shouldn’t focus on story. We have Bri and her team for that. I shouldn’t worry about combat, we have Vic and his Combat Marshals for that. Rules belong in the hands of Josh, as anyone who read my attempt to create a rule book can tell you. I’ll let Lori handle our money and let Canaan handle our disorganization. My job is to handle our direction.

In Eldaraenth, we come together as a community to create a world where the ideals of honor, chivalry and knighthood are upheld. We come together as a group to help each other grow as warriors and people. In this room are men and women that I admire, respect, and love with the full devotion of my heart. Sometimes, it is easy to see the path and growth of other games and think we should be like them. We should do what they are doing because they are obviously successful. They field thousands of combatants, have hundreds of chapters, and dozens of events.

We are not those other games. Eldaraenth is different from any other LARP out there for one reason above all others.


Those of you gathered in this room, and those not present, are my brothers, sisters, and cousins. Some of you have played the role of father or mother, daughter and son. Some of you are as close to me as my real blood, and some of you are that cousin you don’t see for years and have funny feelings about that you try to ignore.

I’m looking at you, Joey.

This community is bonded together with a passionate love of something bigger than “just a game.” We are bound together as a community. Eldaraenth is not a LARP, Eldaraenth is a culture of it’s own. It is one we get to create together, collectively.

When I started this game, I was sixteen. I was a child. Some of you might say that a teenager isn’t a child, but I definitely was. I was spoiled, selfish, emotional and arrogant. Over the years, I like to believe that I have grown a little. I like to think that I am less spoiled and less selfish. I like to believe that I have a little better control over my own emotions. I’m obviously still arrogant, but I would like to believe I am arrogant about real achievements that have meaning to those beyond myself.

I don’t believe I have grown just because I’ve aged. I believe that I have grown because I had this community and the players in it to help guide me. I’m still growing and learning. I still need the players here in my life to help me become more than just a man, but a Knight.

Daniel, for years you have been the father to our unruly group of boys. Some of us here have been blessed to have positive male role models of our own, but I know that some of us would also have been denied that without this game, and without you. Over the years, you have stood beside me, a punk kid with no sense of gratitude, and shown me time and time again what it means to be a man of honor and dignity. Thank you. I’ll say it again, Thank you. There aren’t enough times it can be said, Thank you.

Now, if you’ll pardon me for a moment I’m going to prematurely age you a bit as I address the generation of players my own age.

It’s our turn. It’s time for us to become the parents, so to speak, for a new generation of kids in this world. It’s time for us to be the adults, the Lords and Ladies, the Chivalry, the authority. We, collectively, need to take on the responsibility of leading this game back to where it should have always been. We need to ensure that our community is a safe, positive community. We need to ensure that our events are safe, comfortable places for young men and women to come, learn and grow. We need to be ears that listen, eyes that see, and mouths that speak with wisdom and compassion.

We need to embrace the lessons that have been taught to us and that we’ve learned the hard way.

Eldaraenth is growing.

We are a game made up of families of many ages. We are a game with children and parents. Light willing it’ll be a while before any of us are grandparents, but that possibility is looming on the horizon.

This year, Eldaraenth turns 21. This game, this community, is literally old enough to be considered an adult by law. It’s time for it to start acting that way.

I’m 29-years-old. I’ve been playing this game for 13 years. I’ve gone through my awkward teenage years, my drunken twenties, and am now fast approaching thirty. It’s time for me to say, I am an adult.

That is the direction I intend to lead Eldaraenth. I intend to do my best to rebuild and remember the spirit that this game was founded on. I intend to do my absolute best to ensure that this game is a community that helps each other grow as people. I intend to do my best to be an example of a Knight. I intend to go out of my way to make sure everyone that comes to an event feels safe and welcome.

I once told Zimm that I would do whatever it takes to keep this game alive. That to me, that was everything. I was wrong. To Hell with the Game. I’m going to do whatever it takes to keep this family alive.

All of you mean too much to me for to allow anything else to happen.

In the name of the founders.

In the name of the players.

In the name of Eldaraenth.

-Matthew A Brotherton

The Purging is Complete

December 1, 2012 in Mundane Business

Okay, as promised, I have cleaned out the user registry for anyone that hadn’t filled out the “name” block on their account. I was lenient. I allowed players to stay if they had updated their avatar also. I don’t really mind what you put in those fields, as long as there is something there. It makes it easy to find and eliminate spam accounts quickly.

If your account was deleted in the purge, then you can remake it.

This time be sure to fill out all of the account information.

I’ll do this purging thing again every couple of weeks. So it is in your best interest to do so.



Clearing the Archives

November 13, 2012 in Mundane Business

It’s probably no secret that the Eldaraenth.org website has a lot of spam accounts on it.

I tend to only get around to deleting them when they post spam on the forums or activities line.

Still, it’s getting cluttered in my users folder.

So, on 11/30/12 I will be going through and deleting every account that hasn’t filled out either the Character Name or Player Name fields of their account profile.


Master Your Lore: Keys of T’Sargus

October 18, 2012 in Lore

… and the broken sword he carried, I don’t know what it is about it that should strike me as so important, but I can’t seem to get it from my mind. The blade and hilt were the darkest black I’d ever seen, dark enough to absorb the light around it, yet, at the same time, the edges seemed to pulse with the faintest glow…

 Exert from a Wizard’s Journal


The T’Sargus(es) are Elemental Titans. They were created at the dawn of the world for reasons that no one really knows, but it is believed that they were put in charge of maintaining the balance of the world while Order and Chaos slumbered. They control the four physical elements of the world, and all Elementals come from them. They are truly immortal beings of immeasurable power. It is said that if the four are ever united as one, they would have the power to strike down Order and Chaos themselves, and for this reason they were created to always hate one another.

It is said that before the T’Sargus were bound, they used mortal races in their wars against one another, each teaching a different skill or ability to make their troops more effective warriors.

In this article I will be using the common form of the Romengwaith Names listed below. It is also generally acceptable to refer to them by their Element: Water, Earth, Fire, Air.

Rao’plo’i (Rao), T’Sargus of Water, taught how to channel energy to preserve life.

P’et’ra (Petra), T’Sargus of Earth, taught how to extract minerals from the rocks to armor.

A’Van’Ta (Avanta), T’Sargus of Air, taught the basics of what is now called Magic.

Fokafora (Foka), T’Sargus of Fire, taught how to smelt steel for weapons.

They say that the war of the T’Sargus went on for eons, and that when the Titans themselves took the field of battle the world itself would tear and rend around them.

For that reason, Rao, always compassionate, turned to Avanta in alliance and tricked the keeper of knowledge into teaching the mortal races one more skill.

How to Bind the Elements…

T’Sarguses Bound

It is not known how, or precisely when, but at some point roughly 90,000 years ago, the T’Sargus became bound. Their powers trapped and focused into 4 keys known through out the world as the “Swords of T’Sargus.” The swords were kept secret and hidden as best they could for millenia. Power of that kind, however, has a hold on the hearts of mortals, and as wars between races and nations began to become nearly constant, that power became sought after.

Each person who wielded a Sword was given a warning, If two blades ever met in combat, the world would be destroyed with it.

ER 620 – The First Cataclysm

Petra falls to Avanta in an anonymous battlefield in Southern Corinthia. The Sword of Earth is shattered in the conflict. Great quakes and fissures erupt from the ground across the entirety of the world, releasing ancient plagues. In parts of the world anything made from stone or minerals lose their strength, collapsing as if made from mud, in other parts, plants that have been used for food for generations suddenly become poisonous and deadly. Chaos is awakened, his power beginning to grow.

The Drow War and Second Cataclysm

Not quite 400 years later, the Drow under Corinthia united against the surface. The Drow employed a Slash-And-Burn tactic, leaving behind nothing in their wake. In desperation, and on the losing end of the war, the people of the Misted Hills, who had been guarding the Swords of T’Sargus, decided to use them. The Sword of Earth was reforged, but with the Sword of Fire it was lost into the hands of the Drow. End the end, all four of the Swords of T’Sargus were carried onto the field at the Battle of Valiant Tread Keep. All four were destroyed in the Second Cataclysm.

Wizard’s Folly

Despite all wisdom of those around him and memories of the Second Cataclysm still fresh, the Wizard Gariff of the Red Tower managed to convince the People of the Misted Hills to gather the remnants of the Swords and Reforge them anew. Thinking himself clever, he bound the chosen wielders of the swords to an unbreakable oath to not fight one another. He used them to strike against Order and Chaos, his hubris resulting in an unexpected consequence.

The T’Sargus Unbound

Having seen what the power of the Titans in the hands of mortals was capable of, Order and Chaos released the Titans of their bonds and sent them out into the world again to do as they saw fit. In freeing the titans, Chaos destroyed and remade Petra, causing the sword of Earth’s blade to shatter, and grow back slowly. The T’Sargus spread out across the world, doing as they saw fit.

One Little Goblin

Recently, one little Goblin showed up in the Misted Hills, carrying a scroll of summoning. The scroll was used to summon the Titans themselves. After Rao sacrificed herself to once again be bound, the others were eventually defeated, this time bound directly into the blades. Their minds and power attuned to their wielders, their influence on Mortals once again growing.

Mundane Business

Below is a description of the swords that ever player needs to know. They are the rules governing the use of the swords, looting, etc.

All Four Swords

  • Count as Elemental Weapons
  • Belong to the National Story Marshal
  • Are represented by a Rune, allowing them to be transferred between players.
  • Can only be wielded One at a Time
  • If a Player becomes Inactive (fails to attend 2 events in a row), the Sword is returned to the NSM.
Individual Powers
Water – Allows the wielder to cast Cure Instantly, but only on other players. If the wielder looses the Sword of Water, they cannot be cured by the blade for 1 month from the time they lost the sword.
Earth – The Wielder of the Sword of Earth has their body harden like stone. They gain 3 points of Natural Armor (meaning that they have 3 points of armor on each arm, leg, and their torso, as if they were wearing Medium Armor) This is still subject to the Armor maximum of 6 points.
Air – The Wielder of the Sword of Air is immune to all forms of Magic, including Healing. If the wielder loses the blade, they continue to suffer from an inability to receive the “Cure” or “Heal” spells for 1 month, though they can be Raised and Bound normally. The immediately lose all protection to offensive spells.
Fire – The Sword of Fire is the Sword of Destruction, it deals 2 additional points of damage.
SPECIAL NOTE: Though generally referred to as the “Swords of T’Sargus” there is no reason the focus keys have to be a sword. Traditionally they have been represented by a Longblade, but the rune can be applied to any weapon, as the Keys tend to adapt and conform to the ideals of the wielder.

Master Your Lore covers the bits of knowledge about the world that every character has access to. Pieces of legend, bits of mythology, and of course, the mundane rules that we all need to know. If you have any questions for MYL, please, send an email to Gariff@Eldaraenth.Org.

Role Play: Speaking Corinthian

September 28, 2012 in Mundane Business

If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.
-Nelson Mandela


Eldaraenth is a Role Playing Game. We get together as often as possible for the intention of pretending to be other people living in another world. For some of us, that immersion is the crucial part of our enjoyment of the game.

We do our best to make sure we look the part with our garb, weapons and armor. Getting to where you have a nice kit is difficult and time consuming or super expensive, though. We can’t expect everyone to come out to the field dressed in exact period replicas of various garments.

We wouldn’t want you to, either. We’re a fantasy world, and there are certain concessions to history that we make in the name of looking awesome, right?

We do try our best to look as in-character as we can. We don’t want to destroy the atmosphere if we can avoid it.

Still, as I sit here writing this, I can’t help but look back on my experiences with amazing, powerful role play in Eldaraenth, and realize it has nothing to do with what anyone was wearing, or even for that matter, where we were. It was all about the dialogue and emotion.

I might not be able to recreate some of those moments. Unlike the game leaders that came before me, I am not a professional actor. My one apparent role play talent seems to be the ability to be tortured to humorously exaggerated levels. This is not a skill I’ve purposely cultivated by the way, it just happens that some of our more sadistic game officers use “Torture Matt” as their go-to move when nothing else is happening. I run with this because, well, it usually works to get people going.

Which brings me to my point.

It’s All About How You Say It

Recently, the Eldaraenth.Org twitter was asked, “How do I say, ‘Thank God,’ in Eldaraenth?”

My first response was to say, “Well, ‘Thank God’ works,” but as I thought more about the question I realized it had a lot more meaning than it seemed at surface value, probably more than this particular player intended, and in the end I gave an answer along the lines of, “Well, that depends on the character, their culture, and the player. [Perrimen] and I usually go with the WoT references to ‘The Light’.”

Can’t go wrong with using light in place of your good deity and if you don’t like it may the void take you.

-Perrimen on Language in Eldaraenth

I’m only sharing that because I love the turn of phrase.

It made me realize though, how powerful language really is to the role playing experience and how much stake players, especially new players, put in having the right words to fit the part.

The truth is, the words themselves don’t really matter.

Now, that’s not a 100% fact. Obviously, we’d all rather avoid saying things that are blatantly modern, like, “Check out my new iPhone case,” and honestly, excessive modern swearing has a tendency to really damage the atmosphere in my opinion. It just seems uncouth during role play; there are better ways to swear in Eldaraenth.

For the most part, though, the natural flow of a modern language is much more immersive than choppy, forced feel of faked Shakespearean words and bad accents*.  I believe that it is much more important to be comfortable with being your character and letting everything flow naturally.

Instead of worrying about speaking like your character, just be your character and the dialogue will come on it’s own.

Mostly, it’s about Experience

If you watch a couple of veteran players get into a really intense RP zone, you know, the kind where they’ grab each other’s collars or back one another into corners, red faces close enough that the spittle from their shouting spills across one another’s eyes, you’ll probably notice something.

They don’t spend a lot of time thinking about what their character would say or do, they just do it.

It comes second nature to them, especially when they’ve been playing the same character for a decade (or more). It’s just part of what they do at events. They have practice and experience.

Don’t worry if you’re not there yet, you will be.

But What about _____? What the crap does that mean?

There are going to be words that you don’t know spread around at an event. Some of them might be common knowledge words that players use without realizing they aren’t generally known through out the real world. Some are purposefully esoteric, used to create intrigue and spread mystery. I’m partial to going this particular route myself. Still others might just be gibberish we made  up on the spot to sound more in-gamey. You’d really be surprised at how common that last one really is.

This is part of the reason I’ve created the “Master Your Lore” posts (the first of which is coming soon, it is about a certain set of swords).

I’ve been doing this for 12 years now (close to 13), I’m not really sure what words are and are not common knowledge.

So, SEND ME YOUR QUESTIONS, otherwise you’re going to end up with a series of Master Your Lore posts about the fertalitic properties of orc dung while completely ignoring things like the lineage of Silathas Sheez’Nearbon, Mad Baron, the true origin and nature of The Seer, who that Skinwalker guy was, or how Remle actually has magnificently fine, long, flowing hair that is simply invisible.

For now, have a couple of phrases that might help you understand the upcoming event a bit better. Not all of these are necessarily in-character terms, but they are all good to know.

Fallen Leaves- Annual Tournament held in honor of the Autumnal season, hosted by the DeLeon family.

Blood of Heroes- A combat game based on the movie The Blood of Heroes. The version played in Eldaraenth is slightly different from the game “Jugger” which shares its roots in the movie and has become a popular competitive sport on it’s own outside of LARPing. In Eldaraenth we have two different versions, New and Traditional, as well as playing each version with or without skills.

Oyez! – Pronounced “Oy-Yay, and sometimes by new and untrained heralds as Hear-Ye” – Literally translates as “Listen Up!” When you hear this, stop whatever you’re doing and turn to look at the person shouting it. They are a herald trying to get everyone’s attention. Chances are what they are about to say is extremely important. Be courteous and listen. Failure to do so can, and often does, incur the wrath of the Chivalry.

Chivalry– Used here as “The Chivalry.”  These are players that have worked hard in service to the game for several years for the sole purpose of making the game better… also so they can gripe about it a bit more. Becoming a member of the chivalry is a big deal. Treat them with respect. This is the goal all Eldaraenth players should be working towards. In politeness, they are usually addressed as Sir or Dame.

Coronet – A person wearing a shiny hat, also, the shiny hat they are wearing. The word Coronet is modernly used synchronously with the word crown, although there are technical differences. Most players won’t get too upset with you if you make that mistake, but you should avoid it because the word “coronet” is way cooler than the word Crown. Also, the word Crown has it’s own meaning in Heraldry.  At the time of this writing there are 2 official, recognized Coronets in existence. They are, in no particular order: Baron Luthalanthalis Wynaldian and Baron Erik DeLeon.

Crown– Since I mentioned the heraldic difference above, I thought I’d let you know – Crowns are worn by Kings and Queens… That’s pretty much it. There are no recognized crowns currently in Eldaraenth.

Populace –  People in attendance that are not the Chivalry or Coronet.


Okay, I think that’s enough for today. Don’t forget: ASK YOUR QUESTIONS! I will answer them!


Footnote: I am not judging your bad accent. It is probably better than my bad accent, and a willingness to cultivate an accent is brave of you. However, I like to remind players that the map for Eldaraenth and the Map for Earth are roughly identical, and thus the accent of the Midwestern US and the accent of Former Corinthia are also roughly identical.

Announcements and Stuff

September 20, 2012 in Mundane Business

Hi Guys,

I’ve been talking to a lot of people lately about how we can make the game more immersive and lively for the players. Over the last year, it seems we’ve had a lot of growth in the game, and what was once considered general knowledge through out the player base has become obscure and archaic lore. I’ve been doing my best to just put the info out there at events, answering questions to the best of my abilities and pretty much making things when I need to.

It’s the way we’ve handled Lore in Eldaraenth for as long as I’ve been playing the game, but it isn’t a good way to do it.

If the entire world is living in my head, then none of it is living in your head.

Eldaraenth LARP events are collaborative in nature.  The power of role play comes from the fact that it is interactive. We all work together to make the entire group have a good time.

The players who attended the recent Disillusionment event wrote that event for themselves, all of it. From the Drow to the mysteries, to the possibly world changing plot choices made entirely through role play (Sorry Bri, I tried to stick to your rules, but the players sucker punched me on it), that event was created by everyone in attendance. All I had to do was show up  and not get in the way.

Oh, and say something cryptic like, “It’s a New Moon…. The Moon is dying.” and let you guys run away with it.

What I’m saying is this: What makes the game grow, what makes the game better, is collaboration.

Now, sure, I can’t say “yes” to everything, but I think I get a lot more done if I say “yes” than if I say “no.”

So, I’m putting together some projects that I’ll be rolling out over the winter. The projects will all be designed with the intention of growing not only Eldaraenth as a game, but as a world. It will hopefully help players grow as players and characters grow as characters.

The first part of this is going to be a Blog Post Series here on the E.org site entitled “Master Your Lore”

There will be two different types of MYL posts:

  • Q&A Posts where you send me questions and I (probably with collaboration from other players) answer them.
  • Myths and Legends – Where we. well, literally just tell you stories.

Don’t be surprised if other regular segments pop up in the future.

In the meantime, if you have questions for Master Your Lore, please email me (gariff@eldaraenth.org), post them as comments on this post (and subsequent ones) or message me through the E.org site or Facebook.


Let’s all work together to make the game better,

-M.A. Brotherton

Spam Messages

July 16, 2012 in Mundane Business

Attn Players,

There was a security exploit used to send out a message on our system to everyone that is registered. I’ve already dealt with it, so you can just delete the message.

I apologize for the inconvenience. I’m taking measures to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

However, it is impossible to prevent all spam as long as the functionality and utility that was asked for exists.

Basically, as long as a website can be connected to (especially through facebook) it will be spammed. I’ve taken actions to eliminate 90% of that, but it is impossible to eliminate all of it.

I appreciate those of you that have reported this message.

Thank You,

M.A. Brotherton

Upload Your Pictures

June 30, 2012 in Mundane Business

By request, I’ve added a functionality to add pictures, links, and videos to your groups and profiles.

It’s pretty easy, too.

Anywhere you have a “What’s New Username?” box, (Your Profile, The Activity Page, Group Pages) you will have three new buttons:

Click on one of these and you can follow the on screen instructions to do what you need to do.



Midsummer Success

June 25, 2012 in Mundane Business

This morning I am sitting at my desk, sore in all the right places, and reflecting back on the wonderful weekend I just had.

I wanted to thank everyone that showed up! We had a great event, even through the suffocating heat.

We got off to a slow start Saturday morning, and energy seemed low with the heavy beating sun high in the sky, but as evening approached some things really started to pick up, and in the opinion of one this guy, we ended the day with one of the best events I’ve attended in a long time.

In case you missed it, this event started out with a small gathering of some of the finest examples of craft that can be found within the extremely talented ranks of our game, and between bartering and extremely generous pricing, I feel like several of our newer players were able to pick up some great character essentials, including those little accessories that really add up to making a characters stand out. I was even able to check a mark off my own kit that I’ve had hanging like a sword of Domoclese over my head for the last 12 years… I finally got myself a period tankard.

Once the sun started to back off a bit, we had a couple of nice, quick paced Tourneys that just lead into some good, old fashioned role play. The kind of role play that makes big changes in the world of Eldaraenth and breathes life into the game.

I’d like to call some attention and special thanks to:

Lady Lilli for throwing a great event.

Hero Jim for pulling that arrow out of me, no matter how torturous the medical process might have been.

The Newest Members of the Order of the Trident for doing their duties, and in doing so, creating opportunity for role play that echoed all the way through the ranks from the bottom up.

Extra Special thanks, once again, to Fat Tony and Lady Ira for allowing a bunch of loud, stinky butt heads to invade their home and beat each other with foam swords.

Of course, thanks to all of you guys for keeping the game and world alive, and for reminding this fat kid that he really needs to get himself into shape… and invest in some anti-arrow chest armor.

Remember, The ogre accepts bacon as payment, people with shiny head gear generally get upset when you question their authority, and the tavern has a 2 drink minimum or you’ll have to pay the troll.


In the name of the founders, in the name of the players, in the name of Eldaraenth,

Matt Brotherton

PS: It should be noted that I am still craving a Cheeseburger.

The Forums

May 2, 2012 in Mundane Business

I’ve begun adding content back into the forums, transferring it over one post at a time from the old forums.

The new forums have a really awesome ability to tag your posts with topics attached to them.

I’d like to see this used, and as I’ve been putting the Storyline posts (one at a time, blegh) back into the new posts, I’ve been tagging them with the characters and locations that are relevant to the posts.

When you guys start dropping your own topics again, I’d appreciate it if you’d do the same, as long as any other tags that might be relevant.

This will make it easier for players in the future to go back through the archive and find cool things.



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