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Master Your Lore: Keys of T’Sargus

October 18, 2012 in Lore

… and the broken sword he carried, I don’t know what it is about it that should strike me as so important, but I can’t seem to get it from my mind. The blade and hilt were the darkest black I’d ever seen, dark enough to absorb the light around it, yet, at the same time, the edges seemed to pulse with the faintest glow…

 Exert from a Wizard’s Journal


The T’Sargus(es) are Elemental Titans. They were created at the dawn of the world for reasons that no one really knows, but it is believed that they were put in charge of maintaining the balance of the world while Order and Chaos slumbered. They control the four physical elements of the world, and all Elementals come from them. They are truly immortal beings of immeasurable power. It is said that if the four are ever united as one, they would have the power to strike down Order and Chaos themselves, and for this reason they were created to always hate one another.

It is said that before the T’Sargus were bound, they used mortal races in their wars against one another, each teaching a different skill or ability to make their troops more effective warriors.

In this article I will be using the common form of the Romengwaith Names listed below. It is also generally acceptable to refer to them by their Element: Water, Earth, Fire, Air.

Rao’plo’i (Rao), T’Sargus of Water, taught how to channel energy to preserve life.

P’et’ra (Petra), T’Sargus of Earth, taught how to extract minerals from the rocks to armor.

A’Van’Ta (Avanta), T’Sargus of Air, taught the basics of what is now called Magic.

Fokafora (Foka), T’Sargus of Fire, taught how to smelt steel for weapons.

They say that the war of the T’Sargus went on for eons, and that when the Titans themselves took the field of battle the world itself would tear and rend around them.

For that reason, Rao, always compassionate, turned to Avanta in alliance and tricked the keeper of knowledge into teaching the mortal races one more skill.

How to Bind the Elements…

T’Sarguses Bound

It is not known how, or precisely when, but at some point roughly 90,000 years ago, the T’Sargus became bound. Their powers trapped and focused into 4 keys known through out the world as the “Swords of T’Sargus.” The swords were kept secret and hidden as best they could for millenia. Power of that kind, however, has a hold on the hearts of mortals, and as wars between races and nations began to become nearly constant, that power became sought after.

Each person who wielded a Sword was given a warning, If two blades ever met in combat, the world would be destroyed with it.

ER 620 – The First Cataclysm

Petra falls to Avanta in an anonymous battlefield in Southern Corinthia. The Sword of Earth is shattered in the conflict. Great quakes and fissures erupt from the ground across the entirety of the world, releasing ancient plagues. In parts of the world anything made from stone or minerals lose their strength, collapsing as if made from mud, in other parts, plants that have been used for food for generations suddenly become poisonous and deadly. Chaos is awakened, his power beginning to grow.

The Drow War and Second Cataclysm

Not quite 400 years later, the Drow under Corinthia united against the surface. The Drow employed a Slash-And-Burn tactic, leaving behind nothing in their wake. In desperation, and on the losing end of the war, the people of the Misted Hills, who had been guarding the Swords of T’Sargus, decided to use them. The Sword of Earth was reforged, but with the Sword of Fire it was lost into the hands of the Drow. End the end, all four of the Swords of T’Sargus were carried onto the field at the Battle of Valiant Tread Keep. All four were destroyed in the Second Cataclysm.

Wizard’s Folly

Despite all wisdom of those around him and memories of the Second Cataclysm still fresh, the Wizard Gariff of the Red Tower managed to convince the People of the Misted Hills to gather the remnants of the Swords and Reforge them anew. Thinking himself clever, he bound the chosen wielders of the swords to an unbreakable oath to not fight one another. He used them to strike against Order and Chaos, his hubris resulting in an unexpected consequence.

The T’Sargus Unbound

Having seen what the power of the Titans in the hands of mortals was capable of, Order and Chaos released the Titans of their bonds and sent them out into the world again to do as they saw fit. In freeing the titans, Chaos destroyed and remade Petra, causing the sword of Earth’s blade to shatter, and grow back slowly. The T’Sargus spread out across the world, doing as they saw fit.

One Little Goblin

Recently, one little Goblin showed up in the Misted Hills, carrying a scroll of summoning. The scroll was used to summon the Titans themselves. After Rao sacrificed herself to once again be bound, the others were eventually defeated, this time bound directly into the blades. Their minds and power attuned to their wielders, their influence on Mortals once again growing.

Mundane Business

Below is a description of the swords that ever player needs to know. They are the rules governing the use of the swords, looting, etc.

All Four Swords

  • Count as Elemental Weapons
  • Belong to the National Story Marshal
  • Are represented by a Rune, allowing them to be transferred between players.
  • Can only be wielded One at a Time
  • If a Player becomes Inactive (fails to attend 2 events in a row), the Sword is returned to the NSM.
Individual Powers
Water – Allows the wielder to cast Cure Instantly, but only on other players. If the wielder looses the Sword of Water, they cannot be cured by the blade for 1 month from the time they lost the sword.
Earth – The Wielder of the Sword of Earth has their body harden like stone. They gain 3 points of Natural Armor (meaning that they have 3 points of armor on each arm, leg, and their torso, as if they were wearing Medium Armor) This is still subject to the Armor maximum of 6 points.
Air – The Wielder of the Sword of Air is immune to all forms of Magic, including Healing. If the wielder loses the blade, they continue to suffer from an inability to receive the “Cure” or “Heal” spells for 1 month, though they can be Raised and Bound normally. The immediately lose all protection to offensive spells.
Fire – The Sword of Fire is the Sword of Destruction, it deals 2 additional points of damage.
SPECIAL NOTE: Though generally referred to as the “Swords of T’Sargus” there is no reason the focus keys have to be a sword. Traditionally they have been represented by a Longblade, but the rune can be applied to any weapon, as the Keys tend to adapt and conform to the ideals of the wielder.

Master Your Lore covers the bits of knowledge about the world that every character has access to. Pieces of legend, bits of mythology, and of course, the mundane rules that we all need to know. If you have any questions for MYL, please, send an email to Gariff@Eldaraenth.Org.

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