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    Joh’an watched from a safe distance as the troops garbed in black searched the woods. Inside the hollowed tree that once stood proud before the ice giants stormed the land, leaving it but a shell of a tree it once was, he scantly breathed a breath. He wished his beating heart would stop just in case the demon spawn warriors could hear it, like the one who passed a few feet from him. He could not make out the words other than a few shouts and curses, but they were looking for something…or someone.  Once the voices left the area and the birds begin to continue their songs did Joh’an dared to release the breath he was holding and slowly look out around the tree base.

    He emerged from his hiding spot and caught movement on his right. He froze, fearing that his life was over. He closed his eyes and wished he could see his family once again. After a few moments that stretched into hours, he dared to open his eyes and face the danger. Instead he saw a haggard, bearded man swaggering toward him looking over his shoulder. The large man crashed into Joh’an and leveled him flat. Looking up at his attacker, Joh’an begin to flail his arms and drew in a breath to scream. In a quick move, the stranger was on him with a sharp stick pointed to his throat follwed by a massive, dirty hand covering his mouth. “Quiet or they will hear us!” hissed the stranger. Eyes darting in every direction, the large man slowly raised to scan the higher level. This is when Joh’an saw the chain attached to the wrists of his assailant. The stranger then relased his grip and lower the stick. “Run home and tell none of what you saw.” Then he turned and went back into the scrub. Joh’an once again slowed his breathing and beating heart before he moved. He looked in every direction before making that first step home. His wife would never believe he just saw the man everyone was looking for, especially the Baron of the Misted Hills……

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