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    The following is an excerpt from one of the original Eldaraenth rule books, and is something that I feel we can all use a reminder of from time to time…

    You are at all times expected to act in a knightly or honorable manner and to respect the requests of those above your station or rank, in character only. If your character does not respect the authority of others, however, it does not stop you from behaving in a humane manner in the game. But, as an example for those who aren’t, if the commander of your unit to attack your enemy, there should be no problem in following it. On the other hand, if the request is something that stands against your actual beliefs or ethics (perhaps being asked to assault another member or destroy their property), you should respectfully inform the individual that you do not wish to do so. If the request is particularly lewd or mischievous (such as the example above) you should report the incident to a marshal or another commanding officer. The offender will be dealt with accordingly. It should be known that the marshals will have final say over everything. Also, no individual is to steal or actually deface the camp or personal property of any other member. No stealing from the surrounding property, spectators, or the property owner is allowed, either. Doing so will result in immediate action, including but not limited to the players membership being revoked, and local authorities being called, and will not be tolerated. This is a listing of actions considered to be “knightly and honorable”:

    1. No calling shots (I hit you in the arm! etc.)

    2. No willful and intentional destruction of property

    3. No “dropping out” of game character to attain game goals (telling somebody that you’ve got their weapon in your car, and killing them when they get there, summoning other players under the flag of a rules dispute or other mundane business and killing them when they get there, etc.) No intentional and willful degradation of another player.

    4. No willful and intentional injury of another player

    5. No theft of another player’s belongings, such as weapons, armor, food and other provisions, etc.

    6. No “rooting through” another players belongings without that persons permission.

    7. No arguing with game Marshals.

    Always trying to do a little extra for your fellow player, helping a newcommer or assisting with mundane tasks such as gathering firewood or setting up tents. If you aren’t sure what to do or say, it is all right to ask. Just follow everyone else for a while until things make sense.

    In the months that come I would like to call upon all members of the game’s populace, and especially its chivalry, to redouble their efforts to provide an example of knightly and honourable gamplay. This doesn’t mean that your characters need to be polite, kind, and noble, but as players we must always remember to conduct ourselves with honour.

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