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    Demetrix Santail

    Demetrix watched the final caravan roll past the smoldering rubble that was Drowslayer Keep. The decisions made weighing heavily on his mind.

    Smoke and ash filled the air, littering the ground with the burnt minerals. The tiny specks of white ash contrast against the dark colors of his leather armor and cloak.

    Lifting his arm to inspect the remnants of destruction, capable of bringing new life, he found it interesting. The way he had laid claim to Aurum, renaming it Marbayne, someone else would do the same.

    The actions of the neighboring nations, nearly all of whom had had treaties or alliances, had made it very apparent the Drowslayers were not welcome.

    It’s funny, he thought. They were retiring the title of “Drowslayer” to comfort those who believed them nothing more than a band of murderous cut-throats with the sole purpose of destroying a single race who had caused so much pain to the people of the lands. Yet when the drow returned they were expected to resume their previous title. “It’s funny how that works.” he stated, knowing he was all alone in a now deserted land.

    Marbayne was moving. Moving from beneath the banner of the Misted Hills. Too long had their neighbors expected loyalty in return for nothing. Too many times had they offered assistance with the hopes of being accepted as equals, just to be regarded as a tool to which ever power needed them. It was Lady Kalwan and the army that marched with her that had placed the final straw. Had she sent a message or come with a small detachment, she would have been greeted with open gates and a warm welcome. Instead she marched upon Drowslayer Keep with an army, Her request was not unreasonable, in fact they had agreed to it with relative ease but to be told what they could and could not do in their own lands. No, it would not happen again!

    Demetrix turned to look over the city and its surrounding lands once more.

    He had given his men a choice, they were not expected up-root their lives. In fact, they were not expected to do anything. Each and every one of them had always been free to do as they wished so long as it did not compromise the laws of the order.

    Several had decided to remain behind, finding a new place to call home, while a few had elected to remain with the order.

    He knew he could not fully abandon the lands, afterall that would go against everything he believed in, but he would no longer be responsible for the poor decisions of men or women. Marbayne would  flourish once again, this time without power-hungry tyrants tugging at the strings.

    Demetrix turned toward the now out of sight caravan, with a last look around, he sighed and said, “Goodbye”.

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    Hooded and cloaked she rode on the back of one of the wagons, watching the keep disappear in the distance. The ashes falling almost looked like snow, but for that they were grey rather than white. It would be a long journey and it twas hard to tell where they would settle but settle they would.

    Alisandra vowed to return someday should the keep ever be reclaimed by another group, if only to tell a story or sing a song and receive lodging and a hot meal for the night. This would make for a fine tale in another day and she would be the one to tell it.

    Finally the burning remains were out of sight as they continued on, and she began to write down thoughts on pieces of parchment carried with her so that she might never forget her feelings of foreboding  or what it was like to leave yet another place she’d called home. Leaving was difficult but she’d always had a wandering heart so not as difficult as for some, and she would survive.

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    Edeen Ta’Varin

    Lady Kalwen had made Edeen an offer that she couldnt refuse: Land. It would never have meant much to her before but this land was a chance to grow a much needed Healer group, the Knightingales. They were a small group yet, but one that she knew would be benificial to the lands of Midnight Keep. She owed it to them to atleast try and Lady Kalwen had given her that chance.

    She would not be alone in Fury’s Shield though. She would have Rayel. Together they would be able to protect the name of the Order in lands that were not so welcoming to them as a whole.

    Making their way down seperate paths, she bid farewell to her brothers and sister of the Order. For while they were parting, it was only in distance… NOT in faction.

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    Cirrus stood on the tower with Bijin and the gaurds.
    “Where do you suppose that is coming from,” the gaurd asked to noone in peticular.
    “Doesn’t matter. Call us if the comes up the mountain at all.” Cirrus turned and led the way down. “at what point is this maddness stop? I can’t seem to understand why it is no one in this place can be civil and happy”
    “My love,” Bijin stroked Cirrus’s hair,”war is all they know. It is any excuse to kill and maim their fellow man. The violence is breed into them. They are petty and overreact at ever turn.” They walked through the city they had helped to build. Talked to the people, people of every race, interacted with them. Helped them. saw to their needs.
    “I won’t let them take this from us.”
    “Who my love?”
    “Anyone. I hold the lives and wellbeing of all these people in my hands.” Cirrus put a hand on Foca. (BURN IT! BURN EVERYTHING!)
    “You stretch too far. Let them do what they want to eachother. Let us do as we want.” She laughed and moved on to meet up with Nixia. Cirrus only stood listening to Foca yelling.

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