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    Cirrus wiped a tear from his eye as the final note was played in the closing song at Umiko’s fuineral. It was no secret that they shared no love. Cirrus didn’t like to be told what to do, and as the “Protector of the Mountain”, she liked to tell everyone what they could and couldn’t do. The reason Cirrus was so upset was because he did respect her for standing her ground, and having a moral goal.
    “Well master Cirrus, what would you like to do now?” asked Cirrus’s best Dwobbit.
    “I don’t know. I find myself left with more options than one man can deal with, but no drive to start any of them.”
    “Maybe the master would like to eat?”
    “She came to me.” Cirrus stared straight ahead. “She called me Cirrus.” His hand gripped Foca. “That cold bitch only called me “Gomi”. It means trash.” He laughed a little. “She asked for my help because she knew someone was coming to kill her. I thought she could handle it and i went to deal with some other matter.”
    “maybe she knew something you didn’t sir.”
    “She knew alot more than I did. My problem is that i have to keep this place safe from outside invaiders, but i spend more time trying to save this place from itself.”

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    More often than not, Cirrus found himself letting Foca win out in the matter of wheither to burn or not. He realized that it was his connection to Bijin that kept the voices out. The death of Umiko was still weighing heavy on his mind. Trying to keep peace between so many races in Aman Peak was impossible. He knew if it werent for Bijin keeping the people scared of punishment, they would have killed him long ago. How was he going to take all this abuse and burden and keep his sanity? After some time he knew it just couldnt keep on like it had been. He was going to have to step up to be a part of something greater than just service to Bijin. Failure wasnt an option anymore.

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