Character Name

Mistress Kalwen Shamman of the Misted HIlls

Player Name

Lori Moore


See my people are known as a race of elves, called "Averial". Not many know of my people, for we keep to ourselves, but those who do know of us, only do so from legends of a strange elf race with wings. We are tall in statue but our bones our hollow so that we can fly. However this does not mean we are week. Our magic protects our bodies. Yet we do need to be careful. We are peaceful and stay hidden. The Averial tend to live in secret, but we were not alone.
My clan was the last of our kind to our knowledge. We only numbered roughly 250. Children did not come easy to us, just like most Elven races. The fire giants would hunt us down and on one such occasion almost wiped us out. Led by an evil wizard the Fire giants attacked with extreme force. I had gone to the sky to fire some shots when a bolt of flame came towards me, before I could move out of the way I was hit by a hand that came up and grasped me around the waist. Bringing me in close the giant ripped the wings from my back. I screamed out in pain and was tossed to the ground. Before the giant could bring down his foot on top of me my sister Falwyn's husband Galvain came to my defense. He struggled with the Fire giant long enough for me to move to safety. As Galvain turned to look to see if I had found safety the Giant lashed out and struck him in the head. Galvain fell to the forest floor and the giant stepped on him crushing him to death. I screamed out along with my sister.
The giants over ran us and my people were either killed or injured. I awoke from a deep sleep only to find the carnage of my people around me and less the a few dozen of us left. I climb the mountain back to my home and there saw the ruins of our once noble race. I looked around and thought all was lost but then noticed movement and ran to it. Barely alive my sister was beneath some rubble. I pulled her free and did what I could for her. Many month’s past and she finely recovered. Once Falwyn recovered she stared at Kalwen with hatred in her eyes.
“I blame you Kalwen, because of you my husband and family are gone. I will seek revenge from you. But I will give you the time to prepare with our goddess and then I will come for you” I gathered what I could and left this place in search of revenge and to find a way to have my sister forgive me..
I was now on my own. Our ways of life and our faith was shaken to its core. I had to find a way to restore balance.
Blessed be to our Goddess and savior Aerdrie Faenya