Character Name

Renard de Lutte. (faaman)

Player Name

tony r wheeler jr.


a worrior who once was a powerful leadder… Was ask by the masters of his order to set sail on the high seas. Then a viold opens and then finds him self in a strange land… When he appered in the land, he had to allied him self with the people to survie…. what is next??? only the gods will know…..
Now time had passed and maddness over comes doc. finding the light bothers his eyes. looking for the way out of the light. then voices over comes his mind. then the voices say to doc this way, this way. As he follows the voices. He finds him self underground and next to a casket. name on the casket is the name. Olath Darthirii d'lil Ilythiir. jabbuk d'lil ilythiiri…. So we will see what happens next…
Over coming his madness doc take what name that came to him be for he had set foot on the land… His name is now known as Renard De Lutte…. A fox who once served under hood and dagger…. a group who is call amedavelgent…. In renard mind… they are coming…. like sickness they will come… who will fall, who will stand… only shadow remains….

Eldaraenth Player