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    Being away from Perrin was hard for Edeen but she was certainly keeping herself busy in Fury’s Shield. She’d been doing various tasks around Burning Wheel: gathering wood for the fire, cleaning up after the patrons of the tavern and helping Rayel tend to a very pregnant Kalwen. Her fighting days seemed to be few and far between but she still had it inside her and was ready to defend her friends and family at any given moment.

    She saw people of all kinds come in and out of the tavern from the warriors straight out of battle with dried blood still on their hands ordering strong ale to ease the pain and memory to lonely Elves looking for nothing more than a warm meal and a cot for the night. It’s what she loved about this place. It’s how she and Perrin had found themselves once again, years ago.

    That’s why when Kalwen proposed her question, the answer was immediate. YES, Edeen would be PROUD to be take charge over Burning Wheel! Kalwen’s labor was nearing close and the recovery would be a long one. She knew that she had a lot to live up to, if only for a little while, but the task was important to her. Someone needed to be there for the wanderers just like Kalwen and the Nameless had been there for her…

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