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    Lilli was frustrated, she loved her husband, but how on earth after all of these years fighting orcs, dark elves, crazy lords, bandits he breaks his leg RIGHT BEFORE FOR THE RENEWAL CEREMONY!!!!!!
    Apparently the Orc that attacked him managed a lucky strike that caused him to fall and break his leg.

    Lilli stands up after throwing her quill across the room. She knew she shouldn’t be so frustrated, it was not his fault. She knew that part of the problem was her lack of sleep, the full moon and the rare traverse of the planets was messing with her. Not to mention the dreams were terrors instead of dreams. She just wishes the Mist would leave her be for a week of sleep…

    Who is she kidding, if she didn’t dream, she wouldn’t be the Mistwalker. All she can think is that Gariff had left her with no one she could confide in or discuss her dreams with. Kalwen, her closest friend had enough on her plate being the shaman of Burning Wheel; other than Kalwen there were only Lilli’s students.

    “If only the Mistvoice would come back to me. I need his guidance to continue learning how to use the Mist for dreams and divination. How to interpret what she was dreaming and walking through.” Lilli wanted to know him/it better. She felt as if she was being led by a great teacher and force when him/it visited her in dreams.

    “I don’t even know what the Mistvoice actually is. Are you a dragon? An entity? A leader from the past? A god? A WHAT?????”

    Lilli paces around the room. To top all of it off, Brogan had not mentioned if he knew who he was, she knew he was her son, but could not do anything about it. HE had to be the one to recgonize who he was and acknowledge her.

    She’s just so tired.

    “I will just make this the best Laize’ Faire I can, and try to put all these worries aside for journey to see my friends.”

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