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    Ian watched his men march their prisoners past and considered the future. Peasants, he thought. Common soldiers, serfs and slaves. Not what he needed.
    A scuffle broke out as a prisoner mad a run for the trees next to the road. As the man was cut down and slaughtered for the meat, Ian thought, he needed to find some real wealth for his men. What they had, he knew, would be good workers as he established his stronghold. Would provide enough supplies to see him through the winter.
    But as he watched the vicious, hardened, killers that were his band move by. He knew he needed to find something more than these commoners to keep them in line.
    But he was a stranger in this land. He knew not the factions or the nobles. Who was wealthy and who was poor. Who was incapable of defending themselves. Who would betray their brothers and sisters to save themselves. Who would serve any power that offered wealth and infuance above their current station.
    In the time he had been here he had learned only a little. There was a strong keep in the middle of the land. It was held by a group called Shadow Guard. He had attacked it late in the year, but lack of supplies had prevented him from bringing the fortress down. He thought bitterly of the humiliating truce he had to accept at the end.
    He had also heard of a group calling themselves the drow slayers. He did not know what drow they had killed. But if they could destroy one band they could destroy another. Or perhaps the name was only meant to impress the locals. After several raids he had still seen no sign of them.
    As his men approached their rude camp snow started to fall around them. A fire was lit, and meat put on. I have time, he thought. Time to find the wealth I need. To take this land from those who dwell here.
    Because he knew with the coming of spring his band would fall on these fools like an avalanche. He faced a land divided. Bickering among themselves until it was too late. He would teach them, he would break them.

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    Perrin Al’Thar

    Love it!


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    Doc apporach Ianmoon, ” my cap, i have an offer to you.” Ianmoon looks a doc. “What is the offer..” Doc replays… ” where im from im known as the Fox… I was a scout. let me go and gain info for you my lord… ” with a nod doc runs off…


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