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    Lilli woke with a start, once again she had dreamt a dark dream. A dream of disturbance and unidentifiable malice. It scared her, and she didn’t scare often. The things she had seen, dreamt, and heard had long ago taken most of the fear out of her. But this was different. This was a darkness like none Lilli had ever sensed.

    She stood up and decided to do some writing. Maybe the calming activity would bring sleep back to her, and banish the darkness long enough to let her sleep.

    “What are these dreams foretelling? What am I to do with them? Are they connected to a person or persons?” she asked herself while writing in her journal. She then thought to herself that she should embark on a mistwalk, see if the Mistmaster would show her what was troubling her.

    “The only problem with that idea is that I have noone to act as my protector while I am in the trance. Mordekin is in no condition to stand guard, Gariff and Marcus are gone, and Kalwen is out of reach as well. I could ask if Lord Keld, Lord Luth or Motrax would be willing to stand guard. Ideally I should have one for each of the cardinal directions. Ali should also be present, it is time for her to learn this part of being a bard and to find out whether she has the power within her.”

    Lilli blew out her candle and returned to bed, maybe the Mist would visit her in the dreams and give her some revelation.

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