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    Kalwen knew she had no choice but to petition Erick Deleon for help in recovering her Husbands body from Marbayne. They refused to let her have him back even after speaking with Garith. They walked to Marbayne her guards along with Erick’s. If they felt threatened then so be it. It was her husband and her decision on what was to be done with the body. Let them think what they wanted. To keep her husband from her was a grievous error on their part.

    She knew what had to be done with the nameless ones body and they would not stop her.

    They arrived at the gates and with respect called for them to come and speak. Immediately as all men do they took offense and let there testosterone take over.

    Demetrix and Garith came to the gates.

    “I come to re-eclaim my husbands body that you took from me. I must have him and he must be put to rest in our traditions. For only this way will his body be safe.”

    Demetrix said some words about how dare we march on their gates and such but I only blocked this out. I was not their for war, but to reclaim the body. I brought support because I was already told once that I could not have it. They have no claim but I do and if it came to that I would find a way to get his body back.

    The child inside of me stirred. Very weird considering I was not that far along.

    Other word were passed between Erick and Demetrix. Something about lands and such. Men! always think with their other head.

    With that I spoke again. “What is your answer? Will you give me my husbands body”

    This time Garith spoke. “We will allow you the body only if you allow us to have some of the ashes.”

    I thought on this. “That is fine”

    Garith then spoke again. “We will carry him to the burning wheel for the burial”

    With that I agreed and we left.

    Weird that Garith seems to speak more then Demetrix. I wonder who really leads these lands.

    With this done I left. I heard a few more words spoken by the men but ignored it. The child inside of me stirred. I thought hard about Garith’s request. He wants ashes I will give him ashes.” Wait where are these thoughts coming from?” Again the child inside of me stirred. And a smile came over my face.

    On the walk back to the burning wheel I spoke with Ralivon my long time trusted friend and mentor. Ralivon. I will need your help to prepare the body and under no circumstances is any one but me to touch the ashes after the Burning. Ralivon agreed to help.

    As promised the men of Marbayne escorted my husbands body back to the burning wheel. I had prepared a feast and invited everyone to join. Once everyone had started eating and drinking I left and went to prepare my husbands body with the help of Ralivon. Once his body was prepared I and Ralivon returned to  the feast which was drawing to a close. I stood among all the people.

    “Gather now in the celebration of life of the Namelesone. His body and spirit are lost to us for now but his memory will be with us forever” The Barbarian’s laid his body on the Pire that was constructed inside a special stone coffin. The stone coffin would retain all the ashes for easy removal. I grabbed a torch and lit the wood that within the coffin. The fire burned long into the night.

    In the morning with the body fully burned I went to the coffin and collected all the ashes and returned to my home. I saw Zanfier waiting off in the distance. A good man that was my husband’s trusted messenger. I signaled him to come with me.

    “Zanfier, I request a favor of you. Will you as you did my husband watch and listen for anything unusual and report to me? You will have your full freedom, but if any speak the name of myself, My husband or these lands, I asked that you let me know.”

    Zanfier agreed and with that I gave him several messages to deliver.

    Please deliver these messages to Rayel and Edeen.

    With this chore done I went to a special place within Fury’s Shield. I was tired and need to rest. I seemed to grow tired more often, but yet felt a strange stirring inside of me. I would need to sleep before I decided once and for all what I was going to do with these lands that I was now incharge of.

    Who knew what Marbayne would do. But I knew there were things to be done and quickly if I was proceed to with my plans.

    “Wait! What Plans? I have no plans. Where are these thought coming from? OH Ravion what I have I done? Entering the void while pregnant… What was I thinking?” I would need to speak with Ralivon. Perhaps he could help.







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    Zanfier headed out immediately with the messages for the two women. Knowing who they were and where they lived it would not take him long to carry out the Shaman’s command.  He had made the journey to Marbayne many times for the Nameless One. Once he arrived at his destination he found the Keep in flames with most of the people leaving. Quickly finding both Edeen and Rayel with all they owned packed and ready for the road to Fury’s Shield. Zanfier Bowed before both women holding out the letters from Lady Kalwen. He quietly awaited any responses for the Shaman, before taking his leave he offered to carry some of their bags to their new home.  Just before the last wagon left the gates Zanfier noticed not everyone was leaving the town. It did not make sense to him why the Order of the Trident would leave the people of Marbayne defenseless. The Nameless One had told him “When an oath is made, you do everything in your power to keep it, no matter the cost”. Taking a deep breath Zanfier began his trek back to the lands of his blood. Heading directly to the Shaman’s house he gave his report before heading home.

    Stepping out into the early morning cold to find a thin layer of frost on the ground, Zanfier reached for the sky stretching out his muscles. Looking over the silent roads of Fury’s Shield, the air smelled clean and crisp with a hint of oak smoke which came from the surrounding buildings. Frost crunched under his boot heel with each step towards the home of Lady Kalwen the Shaman of the Misted Hills. Being the personal guard of the Nameless One meant he also served his wife. He made a vow to never interfere and to stay out of sight so that his masters could go about their business unhindered by his presence. Now with the Nameless One trapped within the darkness of the Void that left the safety of Lady Kalwen his responsibility.  Placing a hand on the hilt of the sword strapped snugly against his hip while taking in a deep breath of cold air. He soon arrived at the Shaman’s door knocking lightly, waiting for a call to enter. While he waited he noted people starting to move about the streets of the city. It would not be long before the city would come to life. Fury’s Shield was not like any other city, it was the home of the proud Barbarians of the Burning Wheel. The barbarians were not the city’s only inhabitant humans, Moon Elves and even a few Orcs came to live in the land. A fight broke out now and then but never anything serious. When a problem arose that could not be solved quickly it was solved in the Warriors Circle or by the Nameless One. He turned his attention to the door to find the Shaman standing in the entrance.  After a brief discussion Zanfier headed off to make sure everything was ready for Rayel and Edeen’s arrival.

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