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    As winter fades and the ground thaws sir lerick finds himself the the hill over looking what was once his home,with spring weather aproching and the dead not yet buryed he must hurry before it is to late.
    He rides past altonia to a near by village,finds the lord mayor whom he has had dealings with before.
    lerick;good day to you my lord mayor how fares you this day.
    mayor;i fare well sir lerick,how may i be of service to you this spring day.
    lerick;i have come to ask for help,as you know just a few short months ago altonia was attacked,its people murdered,we winter set apon me before and of the people were layed to rest,i seeking help in this matter,could you please call a town meeting so i can ask for help.
    mayor;yes of corse sir lerick at once.
    with in a hour all the citezens were gatherd in the town square,they sir lerick standing on a cart.
    lerick;dear freinds the people of altonia have layed all winter above the ground,it is time they be layed to rest,iam but one man,i have come to you for help,i would ask you to help bury the people of altonia so they may find peace,i can not pay you,but as the dead do not need possions you may have anything of value to you. i will return on the morning,any who wish to help gather here.thank you.
    with that sir lerick goes the the inn for rest.

    the next morn he goes to the square to find over half of the village waiting with horses cart and tool,even the village undertaker is there.
    a man steps forward:we will help in this matter,many of the villgers of altonia were freinds or family,we will help identify the remain when possible.

    the sollum groups sets off.

    when they arrive the undertaker sets about marking graves and laying out the cemtary,half start digging graves while the other half retrive the bodys.

    after 3 days the undertaker comes to sir lerick;sir i believe we have recocerd everbody we can.
    lerick;very well gather everybody.

    as everybody gathers around sir lerick.
    lerick;we are gatherd here today to lay to rest he villagers of altonia,who were killed with out mercy,may thiers souls find peace.

    sir lerick turns to the villagers,claim all that you want by sun down.
    the villagers set about looking for anything left tyhat was useful.

    and dusk sir lerick turns the the men,as we set the people of altonis to rest so set altonia to rest. with that lerick and the men set altonia a fire.

    the villgers head home

    sirlerick takes a a stone tablet from his bag and places it on the ground

    here lays altonia may its spirt rest in peace.

    sir lerick rides to the top of the hill and watches altonia burn looks into to the sky

    “by my blood i will avenge the people of altonia,i will never stop till this villian is run thro by my blade”
    he draws a sword cuts his had and lets the blood drop to the ground

    he gathers the rains of his pack horse and sets off towards shadow gaurd as he rides past his own house he throws in the last torch setting it ablaze.

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