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    The Starfire Gates closed with a loud rumble. The rest of the world was once again cut off from Aman Peak. It had come to Bijin’s attention that the number of homeless monsters was on the rise. The crime rate was soaring and the more that died; the more the mountain returned in the form of undead. The councils and headmen of Aman Peak shook fists and gnashed teeth trying to come up with a solution. Finally after the weight of Foca, fox, and the pressures of the Hills cracked his mind in two, he came up with an answer to the problems. REFORM, RESTRUCTURE! Months rolled by as the mad man put everyone to work. The Orcs dusted off the old knowledge and began making steam engines once more. The once frozen and primitive Aman Peak had become a monster of another kind. One that blended Steam and Steel, Sciences and Magic. Truly something to be marveled and feared.

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    Exert from the Weekly Peak Post:


    The resent events of Aman Peak’s awakening have been whirlwind fast and yet most ingenious. The people of the Peak have but one real family to thank for this. The house Snow. Bijin and her industrious husband Cirrus. This reporter was finally able to get a sit down with the Snows.

    Paul: It has been a great and wonderous thing you two have been able to pull off here. Do you believe it will continue to be a change for the good?

    Bijin: Yes I do.

    Cirrus: I agree with my lovely wife, but I would like to say that we didn’t pull this off. We helped but it was the industrious people of this mountain that pulled it off. We got the Orcish people, once thought dumb and beastial, into a rehabilitation program for their drug addiction and got them working with their hands again. Every person has something to contribute and that is what we are here to promote.

    Paul: Well said. What do you have to say to the rumors that the people of the valley will come and take what we have? Or that we will turn our people against them?

    Bijin: That is absurd. The “people of the Valley” are welcome to try and take what they will. Maybe it would do them some good. Second we will continue to become an industrious people, where ever that may lead us…

    Cirrus: It’s true. We aren’t closing our gates to those who need us. We closed them because of those simpleton drow that couldn’t seem to keep from mucking up the works. Please don’t think I am referring to all Drow. I am oviously referring to the ones not of our mountain. the ones searching for something that isn’t there.

    Paul: I see. Would you also like to comment on the other law changes that House Snow has helped to put in place?

    Bijin: We have started a stricter policy when dealing with criminals. There is now the TRUE DEATH that will be put upon those who are repeat offender, or who’s crimes make them unable to rejoin our citizens.

    Cirrus: We have also helped to put in place a home and job program. Everyone will work and everyone will eat and everyone will stay warm and happy. There is also a police force now. Instead of just guards at the gates, the people can rest well knowing that crimes will be investigated, and criminals will be brought to justice by our new Head of Police.

    (this article goes on to praise this and that. Boring really but better than the stick in the mud drawings or yesteryear.)

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