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    Cirrus sat with his crown weighing heavy on his brow. The people that were fighting in front of him didn’t matter to him, but it was his job to hear them out. Bijin had put him in charge of dealing with the day to day people problems. He was glad he could help in some way but the grind of it was getting to him. He finally told them that he would look into it.

    “Send in the next one, but after that I am done for the day.” Two people came in. A woman he had never seen before, and a man that somehow seemed familure. “What can I do for you two? Wedding?”

    “No son. I’ve come for the sword.” The man walked forward and took off his hood.

    “How is this possible? You are dead. Like soul to the void, DEAD!” Cirrus stood and walked to the man.

    “I don’t have time to go over the ins and outs of the void, boy. The sword is what I am came for. It isn’t yours anymore. You gave it up when you married the Kitsune.”

    “What do you mean? Who is this woman that is dancing around and breaking things?”

    “She isn’t anyones consern. I mean that you can’t use the sword. You will just hold it and let it rot. It has a job and so do I. Give it over son.” Cirrus thought it over. He was right. He couldn’t wield the sword anymore. His people needed him to be a leader.

    “I hope you know what you are doing.” Cirrus handed the sword over to his old teacher. “Please don’t use it to kill my people.”

    “I won’t make any promises. Foca will burn everything to a pure form. We are leaving now. I don’t expect to be back anytime soon. Just do good. Keep them safe at all cost.”

    “Goodbye Jerichodin. Be seeing you around.”


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    Cirrus’s eyes snapped open. His was breathing fast and shallow. His headlike a drum being played by a child. When he realized Bijin was behind him he asked, “What in the 9 hells was that?”
    “Your willpower. Your wants and desires made into a pysical form. A spirit guide that you created. You asked for a way to fix the problems you were having and your mind and the void gave you one.”
    ” So it gave me Jericodin? But he is long dead from this world.” It was almost more a question than a statement.
    “Love, you seem confused. You asked to know what you should do. I offered you advice, which wasn’t good enough. You wondered what Jerichodin would do, so i allowed you to ask.”
    “But he took Foca and told me to stay and rule these people.”
    “And will you?” She waited for the Loomi to think and give her the anwser she knew was coming.
    “No. I can’t.”
    “Then you have your way out. Envoke the name of your friend and do as he would.” She kissed him and left the room so he could think. And think he did.

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